The 5 funniest moments on the Bieber Roast

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Last night 5oosh watched the BieberRoast on Comedy Central alongside millions of viewers. We all watched Justin Bieber take it like a man and we have to say- Justin’s rebuttal wasn’t half bad.
Justin- we want you to know we love you no matter what, and please forgive us for the following gifs, but these guys were hilarious.
Luda reminiscing on the “Baby” music video.
“You will always be a baby to me since babies piss everywhere and never know when to shut the f*** up”
Natasha Leggero was a MEAN GIRL with her Selena mention.
“Justin, Selena had to f*** you. She is the literally the least luck Selena in the entertainment history”
Shaq killed it with the Jesus joke, literally killed it. 
“Justin’s got a tattoo of Jesus on his Calf. Why you gotta bring Jesus in your mess, that man suffered enough”
Chris D’elia nailed it!!!
“You have it all. You literally are the guy who has it all. Except respect, love, friends, good parents and a grammy”
And finally, even though he clearly didn’t mean it, Hanibal just lay it all out there. 
“I’m not a fan of your music. I listened to some of it, i’m not a fan. It’s bad”
Justin, you were a great sport and we congratulate you on that!!!