5oosh’s list of things that are way more fun when you do them with you bestie

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5oosh chose its favorite BESTIES, Taylor & Karlie to prove its point:

It would be so much easier if we could have our bestie at work with us. Someone who knows us, who we can share our frustrations with, someone to share lunch with.

   Watching a basketball game can be a lot of fun, but imagine sitting with your bestie,  sharing a bag of chips, “watching” the game.

We all have our go to dance moves, our awkward moments and especially the ones we don’t think anyone saw but later realized, it’s already on Facebook. Having your bestie there with you makes you not care, not care at all.

Being honored for something you did, getting your diploma, finishing first in class. You know the person who will be most proud is your bestie and you definitely want to have them there to share it with.

Last but not least are two things, but they are actually one. Whether you’re sitting at home, watching TV, traveling the world or taking a hike. Everything you do, is just so much better when you do it with you bestie by your side.